Real Estate and Property

Real Estate.
For the Real Estate sector, the MG INVEST WORLD REAL ESTATE FINANCE AND CONSULTING LTD Group is a specialised partner that can deal with all activities related to real estate maintenance, conservation and enhancement. 
Outsourcing facility management services guarantees that property services are managed efficiently, as well as that costs for managing the company’s properties are optimised and controlled, that the use of properties is functionally streamlined and that properties on the market are reassessed.

Property Services.
MG INVEST WORLD REAL ESTATE FINANCE AND CONSULTING LTD manages activities related to leasing: lease contract activation, ongoing management and termination, invoices, newsletters and communications, updating the administrative database, periodic reporting to the Owner on the property’s economic/financial performance. 
MG INVEST WORLD REAL ESTATE FINANCE AND CONSULTING LTD also handles both technical management and improvements to the property’s functional and technological quality.
Administrative services
Properties/Units – Registry opening and management 
Budget and allocations – Reporting on accounts receivable and payable 
Customers/suppliers – Registry opening and management 
Accounts receivable and payable – Accounting and management 
Registry and accounting flows – Periodic delivery to customer 
Property management
Contratti di locazione – Rinnovo, sottoscrizione, incassi
Lease agreements – Renewal, signing, collections 
Overdue payment management – Reminder timing and procedures 
Deposits and security policies – Management and relative replacement guarantees 
Local tax payment
Accessory cost budget and actual reporting
Fees – Calculation of adjustments and increases 
Tenants – Management of relations and disputes 
Assistance for inspections by external consultants
Document management
Registry and reporting
Property management cost optimisation and control 
Functional streamlining of property use 
Efficient management of property services without giving up on quality 
More flexibility and ability to react during developments and changes due to the availability of on-demand services 
Revaluation of properties on the market.

Facility Management
MG INVEST WORLD REAL ESTATE FINANCE AND CONSULTING LTD provides Integrated Facility Management services directed at a continuous improvement process in the assessment of the profitability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the management of the properties assigned. 
Technological system management and maintenance
Waste management and disposal
Internal and external landscaping
IT system & Call centre
Building maintenance
Reception, security, switchboard, alarms management
Mail room services
Document management
Fire prevention and safety
Catering, vending machines
Internal and external lighting 
A single point of contact for the management of all services, possibility for the customer to concentrate only on control 
Technical specialists and a network of partner suppliers available 
Availability of an information system to control services provided and real estate status 
Integration with the call centre/help desk system, operating 24 hours per day, 365 days per year 
Flexible organisational/operating structure spread throughout the country 
Streamlining and optimisation of service provision processes.

MG INVEST WORLD REAL ESTATE FINANCE AND CONSULTING LTD FM’s operating model is based on an innovative vision of project management which focuses on the sector’s technological and regulatory developments, the systematic updating of internal skills and constant attention to researching the most efficient project methods for the subsequent provision of services to the construction.
 Space planning & Space management
Space planning & Space management
Integrated design
– architectural design
– structural design
– plant design 
Project management
– executive coordination
– procurement
– safety
– works management / RL 
Total control over activities 
Single focal point for the customer 
Monitoring and results-focused management
Dedicated and skilled administration structure 
Punctual timing controls 
Punctual cost controls 
Alignment of the property strategy with the business strategy 
Technical specialists and a network of partner suppliers available.