About us

MG INVEST WORLD REAL ESTATE FINANCE AND CONSULTING LTD is a company represented by people who share the same professional and ethical values.
It established from the experience of professionals from the 80 help companies and governments in the internationalization process, by Dr. Giacomo Luca Alessandro Marcinno with experience of top management in international companies and strategic consulting. MG INVEST WORLD REAL ESTATE FINANCE AND CONSULTING has always placed as its objective to concretely assist companies and governments of the improvement process, not limited to the stage of designing solutions, but also by supporting the construction using the most modern methods of change management .

At this initial project have over time joined other consultants and partners with experience and training in all business fields and specialized in private and public relations …. and the public and private that today make up the MG INVEST REAL ESTATE FINANCE AND WORLD partnership CONSULTING LTD.

MG INVEST WORLD REAL ESTATE FINANCE AND CONSULTING is a solid formed by a team of excellent professionals from diverse profile, united by a strong value system and cohesive. The constant commitment has been rewarded with the continued growth that, over the years, has led to the achievement of important goals.